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Reflections from an Atmosphere Changer

I believe that the atmosphere in a room changes when I walk in it, you know why? It’s because I am an Atmosphere Changer by nature and you can be one too! When I walk into a room, I know I’ve got it going on, I can hold my own with anybody and there is no one better than me in the place. This is how you’ve got to think when you are in different group settings, formal and informal. Too often we let things like physical appearance, socio-economic and educational differences get in the way instead of letting our lights shine like only we can! You are the only person of your race or ethnicity in the room, who cares! You make a five-figure salary and everyone else makes six figures, so what! You are plus-sized in a room full of skinny runway-model types, okay, so you are beautifully full-figured! The bottom line is there is no one in the world like you so that alone makes you amazing and unique. So here’s what you do to change the atmosphere:

  1. Walk into the space with confidence! Hold your head up, stick your chest out and say hello to everyone you make eye contact with. Your confidence will ooze out onto everyone else.

  2. Be uniquely you in every interaction! Let your personality and charisma shine through.

  3. Keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude no matter what is going on around you.

Those who change the world don’t try to blend in and match the current scene!

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