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Just In Time Encouragement

Y'all know I pour my heart and soul into the NO FEAR Ladies Conference for women and teen girls each year. This year, Year 5, is no different, and I can't believe that we are approaching the 5th conference already. I am honored that you amazing women and your daughters in my world have continued to back and support this labor of love with your attendance, prayers, promotion, sponsorship dollars, vendor booths, etc.

However I had felt a bit discouraged for a moment because I felt like I got started a bit late this year. After returning from my amazing week in Gaborone, Botswana (Southern Africa) last Fall, then beginning the process of converting Reach Forward to a 501c3 organization, Reach Forward Foundation, the planning for this year's conference just seemed a bit behind the 8-ball.

You know when you are used to doing something within a certain timeframe, you just feel off when you get started later. However, when God is in what you are doing, the only timing you need to worry about is God's time. With God, it doesn't matter what month you start as long as you start and continue the work in Jesus' name.

NO FEAR is far from the stereotypical conference and it is for ALL women and teen girls, not ones of a specific faith, but it is still the work that God has given my hands and heart to do. Therefore I know that all things work together and will work together as they have each year. I just needed a spark of encouragement to remind me of this and I got it today. Here's what happened:

1. A ticket was purchased by a dear lady all the way from Bartlesville, OK this morning

2. Another lady who I realize I've never met in person, but feel so close to because she has faithfully followed me on Facebook for the past year and reads all my blogs (I hope she reads this one) dropped me a Messenger note. Her note included a photo of the t-shirt promoting her anti-domestic violence organization that she has formed as a result of watching me and the work of Reach Forward. I'm even more tickled that she is sending me a t-shirt which I plan to wear proudly!

Just when I needed a pick-me-up, two simple things happened that have provided just the encouragement I needed!

What does this mean for you? With any great work comes highs and lows. Sometimes you are in the zone and sometimes you are not. Yet, I tell you to keep the faith and know that God will send a word of encouragement your way just when you need it. You are just the one and you have what it takes to get the job done.

Much love to every woman reading this blog and to all those who will fill the place on August 25th at the 5th Annual NO FEAR Ladies Conference.

Don't forget that early bird pricing ends June 30th so grab your tix now. Check out the conference details at

Read the rest of my blogs and watch the recap video from last year's NO FEAR Ladies Conference at

Have questions for me or just want to say hello, send email to

Fearlessly Yours,

Wyjuana Montgomery, MAOM

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