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Best day ever! Mentor Program Kick-Off

The longer I live, the more I see just what is possible when you think outside the box, write goals down, create action plans to realize them, and stay laser-focused!

Today was the official community kick-off of the Reach Forward Foundation mentorship program, my 501c3 for young men and young ladies in grades 6-12.

20+ amazing young people and their parents came out to enjoy food, fun, fellowship and hear our passion and compassion for their young people. What was even more exciting is the amazing ideas and vision that these 11-20 year olds had when it came to brainstorming future events and activities, including decorating our future building when we get our own space AND even fundraising ideas!

My heart was truly melted when 2 of my young adult mentees who started with me when in middle school and earlier high school shared from their hearts, with total transparency, about the good and bad things they were experiencing in life and how participation in Reach Forward caused them to come out on the right side of their situations.

My husband and I know for a fact that we can make a difference. Young people with mentors, which I define simply as caring adults who take the time to get to know a young person, are much more likely to be successful.

I can't wait to see what we accomplish together this year as one big Reach Forward Foundation family!

Here are 2 ways you can support the mission:

Ladies, purchase your ticket to the 5th Annual NO FEAR Ladies Conference at

(A portion of the net proceeds from this event directly benefit this program)

Do you have questions for me? Send email to

Yours in service,

Wyjuana Montgomery

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