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Are you ready for a season change?

The season changing

We were blazing hot here in Oklahoma City one day and the very next day was 30 degrees cooler. Do you ever feel that the same thing happens in your life? If so, you are not alone my sister. The real issue is not that the season is changing, but that you must be flexible and adaptable to go with the change. You need to be like the bamboo tree which bends, but won't break. When your life begins to enter into a new season, it is hard and yes, it may even hurt, but it is necessary. Think about children. What if they never grew up, but remained babies? Not only would all of us go mad who are mothers, but it just wouldn't be normal to nurture and feed this tiny human being, but never see a change in its growth, development or maturity.

So why are we sometimes afraid of growth, development and maturity? One simple word---CHANGE!

Change is not a bad word, it is a necessary part of the process so that we can reach our fullest potential and live our lives to the fullest.

So the next time you go outside and see the naked branches of a tree that has lost it's leaves or see a tree that once had green leaves now has orange leaves and you hear the whistling of the wind and hear the leaves crunching as they swirl together, remember this same great transformation is happening in you AND it is necessary for your growth, development and maturity!

Ladies, let your season change and change with it gracefully!

The NO FEAR Lady,

Wyjuana Montgomery


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