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Project N.O. F.E.A.R for Teen Girls
Empower the Mindsets of the Girls You Work With Today! 
Before you can accomplish anything else, you must get her mindset right first!



Purchase the foundational text for this program

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  • Available on Amazon ($12 paperback, $5.99 e-book), to order click here.

  • Order an autographed copy for $17 (incl. shipping & handling here.

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Some Reader Testimonials:

Every girl will benefit from reading this book. Wyjuana's passion and purpose to inspire young women is palpable. I was very moved by the constant setbacks Wyjuana dealt with as she grew up, however she used these opportunities to learn and grow. This book will give girls the tools to face up to their own life challenges, add fuel to their fire and shape them into the strong, capable and incredible women they want to become.---Emma Khan | Photographer/Producer| Kent, United Kingdom

As a teen girl, Bold Brave and Courageous changed my perspective of myself. Before reading I had many issues with not accepting who I was and very unconfident about life. I feared what he/she was thinking about me. I am thankful that I was gifted this guide because no matter how old I get, I can open this book and be reminded of my truth.---Taliayah Wilson | Oklahoma City, OK

An ultimate all in one guide for your teen or any teen you know. I brought one for my teen and her cousin and they both loved the stories that tie in the points of having NO FEAR. They are both motivated to REACH FORWARD after reading this book. From their perspective, they said it was an easy read and exactly hit the mark 100% for what any and all teens need to know to succeed and feel confident. From a mom's perspective, it validated everything i teach my teen to REACH FORWARD. It is so nice for my teen to hear these words from someone else too.On a personal note, I actually know the author and went to college with her. She is a wonderful role model for teen girls and her own children. Great Job Wyjuana. So very proud of YOU!!!---Jamila R Battle | North Carolina

My 14 year old daughter and I read BBC over the Thanksgiving break and what an inspirational read it was! This guide is packed with excellent real life examples and tips for overcoming fear. My daughter loved how relatable the book was (especially the author’s track story) and felt she could use it as a reference as she plows through her remaining years of high school. Great book for girl groups/book clubs.---Fran Clark


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Winner of the 2018 Independent Author Network (IAN) Outstanding Young Adult Non-Fiction Book Award


Finalist for First Time Non-Fiction Author!

Winner of the 2018 Feathered Quill Bronze Award

for Teen Non-Fiction