Stay tuned for an update on the 7th Annual NO FEAR Ladies Conference!

The NO FEAR Ladies Conference empowers and equips women and teen girls to leave fear behind and pursue their personal, professional and community goals with clear vision and conviction. 

So what is NO FEAR about?

Simply put, if you walk in the door thinking you want to do something, you are called to do something, you are passionate about something, when you leave you will be ready to begin the journey!

The NO FEAR Ladies Conference was founded in August 2014 because of my recognition that women and teen girls all across the country and internationally have amazing ideas, dreams and goals. However, out of fear, many do nothing besides think and talk about what they want to do. As women, we can be the queens of making excuses for not taking action out of fear: I'm too young, I'm too old, I don't have enough education, I don't have the money, etc.

The NO FEAR Conference has a simple mission. Once you come and hear from the amazing panel of speakers who have pushed passed fear in many arenas to make their dreams and goals reality, you should be ready to take the necessary steps to accomplish your personal, professional and community goals.

NO FEAR stands for:

N= Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do

O= Open your mind to the possibility of your greatness

F= Fight for what you want

E= Expose yourself to new things

A= Act on opportunities to launch yourself

R= Reach forward

So whether you want to go back to school, earn a promotion where you work, write a book or start your own business, the NO FEAR Ladies Conference is for you!

From humble beginnings, this conference has grown bigger and better each year. Stay tuned for registration details for next year's conference right here. Don't miss out!

2019 NO FEAR Ladies Conference


Watch the Recap of the 2019 Conference!

2018 NO FEAR Ladies Conference

Theme: Firestarters

August 25th, 2018, marked a crowning achievement at the 5th ANNUAL NO FEAR LADIES CONFERENCE. This impactful community event consisted of 120+ women and teen girls being empowered by 6 dynamic speakers AND 15 vendors for retail therapy.

Plus, we raised $542 for the Reach Forward Foundation, my 501c3 mentorship program for teen girls and boys!


Watch the Recap of the 2018 Conference!

2017 NO FEAR Ladies Conference

Theme: Groundbreakers

2016 NO FEAR Ladies Conference

2015 NO FEAR Ladies Conference

2014 NO FEAR Ladies Conference

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