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The Real Key To Success

In this world of Life and Business Coach mania, there are probably a million formulas out there for success in life, business and entrepreneurship. However there is one major key to success that cannot be forgotten and that is, are you ready for it, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE YOURSELF.

Just because something works for the entrepreneur or speaker next door, it doesn't mean the same will work for you. Each of us is uniquely gifted with our own style, our own rhythm and way of doing things. By all means, check out what is working for others and even test out different strategies and methods. However, at the end of the day, you are you and they are them so you must do what feels most natural and REAL to you. No matter how good you speak, how engaging a book you write, your audience wants you to be authentic. You cannot be authentic trying to copy someone else line by line, dot-by-dot.

I am involved in a plethora of community events, Facebook groups (some voluntarily and others I was drafted into), and people always want me to be part of a number of things because they respect me and know that I maintain a circle of influential people as well. While I am honored that so many want me to be part of their group and what they have going on, I must remain true to myself. Every strategy is not a fit for who God uniquely created me to be. I will not move away from who I really am and what is authentically me, just to run with the speaker/author/entrepreneur pack.

The real key to my success is continuing to be the best I can be at being me. As I stay true to myself, continue to surround myself with people who love and support me and do the things that feel right to help me spread my wings and enlarge my territory as a speaker and author, the doors continue to open. I am able to reach and impact the audience meant for me.

Authentically me,

Wyjuana Montgomery

P.S.---A good life coach and of course a mentor may be exactly what you need to succeed, but make sure it's the right match for you! I myself worked with an amazing business coach who is largely responsible for me publishing my new book!

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