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Redeeming the time

We are all under quarantine...I know. There is no place to go, except the grocery store, or maybe you can go to church and the salon, depending on where you live...I know that too. While it may feel like torture to "shelter in place" or be "safer at home," what are you doing with this precious gift of extra time while you are not running all over the place like you usually do?

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about what you could do that you've always said you would do if only you had the time. Well now, you have the time. You can read a book for fun, write poetry or an entire book, scrapbook, pray more, bond with your partner, get into an exercise routine, learn a new hobby online, create a plan for the business you always wanted to start, work on your finances...and the list goes on.

On the flip side of the havoc that COVID-19 has caused worldwide (and I do not intend to make light of this as my own extended family has been impacted), if you are so far healthy and safe from the virus, you have a unique opportunity to do things that your normal routine would not allow. If you redeem the time now, I promise you will be more happy and fulfilled when life gets back to "normal."

Need some clarity to get started on your journey of discovery? Contact me for a free one-hour Clarity Session by replying to this blog post or sending email to


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