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Unleash the little girl inside

Close your eyes for a few moments and go on a journey with me. Picture yourself between the ages of 5-10. Remember when you were little and the world was full of magic and fun? ​You made up games that kept you busy for hours. You and your friends stayed outside as long as possible until your parents said "come in, it's getting dark." Barbie and Ken had a whole life that you created for them. Some of you even had an imaginary friend who you played with and read to daily. The hills outside were really mountains to run up and down in your eyes. You would climb trees or swing upside down on the monkey bars. On the playground swing, you were not afraid to swing high in the air and then leap. You

Happy Mother's Day & More!

First of all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND TO ALL WHO ARE MOTHERS! If your mother is no longer with you, I also want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. We lost my dear mother-in-law on St. Patrick's Day 2019 and my mother (Ms. Shirley pictured here with me) is almost two years cancer-free from breast cancer so I could have lost her. May is Mental Health Month so I have decided to dedicate all of my Monday Night Chats for Moms and Mentors of Teen Girls to topics related to mental wellness and in effect, self-care. You don't want to miss this Monday night's Facebook Live at 7pm CST (5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern). My focus is two-fold. I want to help mothers really get to know

Redeeming the time

We are all under quarantine...I know. There is no place to go, except the grocery store, or maybe you can go to church and the salon, depending on where you live...I know that too. While it may feel like torture to "shelter in place" or be "safer at home," what are you doing with this precious gift of extra time while you are not running all over the place like you usually do? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about what you could do that you've always said you would do if only you had the time. Well now, you have the time. You can read a book for fun, write poetry or an entire book, scrapbook, pray more, bond with your partner, get into an exercise routine, learn a new hobby onli

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