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Keeping the Holidays Happy-Maintain your sanity!

People all across America are busy preparing for the largest dinner of the year (until Christmas that is). Grocery stores all across the nation are being descended upon for deals on turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing (dressing where I come from), pie crust, cakes and a whole host of menu items in our family traditions. And don't get it twisted, this meal is in no ways cheap, but we are dedicated to these amazing feasts for our families and friends on Thanksgiving Day. Not to be outdone by the massive food preparation, retail stores are filling their shelves with gifts that range from trivial stocking stuffers to expensive, high end gifts. Gone are the days when people fill their stomachs and sl

The Real Key To Success

In this world of Life and Business Coach mania, there are probably a million formulas out there for success in life, business and entrepreneurship. However there is one major key to success that cannot be forgotten and that is, are you ready for it, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE YOURSELF. Just because something works for the entrepreneur or speaker next door, it doesn't mean the same will work for you. Each of us is uniquely gifted with our own style, our own rhythm and way of doing things. By all means, check out what is working for others and even test out different strategies and methods. However, at the end of the day, you are you and they are them so you must do what feels most natural and REA

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