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Happiness & Conversation AND a night of laughter

The big event finally arrived! Happiness & Conversations was a great event filled with beautiful women and a handful of men showcasing their African Heritage. The venue was vibrant, yet intimate. Happiness & Conversations featured a chic Botswana Hustler fashion showcase, the hot musical sounds of Njotica and Khoisan Maxi and a diverse panel of speakers covering topics from advocacy for plus-sized women to preservation of native foods. And of course yours truly, ME, wrapped up the panel with a talk on Making the Most of Every Stage of Your Life: Prosperity, Transition and Struggle. To celebrate the success of the event, I was able to connect and enjoy appetizers with my new friend Debbie who

(Video)A truly bold, brave and courageous day!

What an amazing experience for me! I believe this was the most impactful speaking outing I've ever had...to see 128 girls welcoming me with their school song and rousing cheers! Check out my Vlog here: A bold, brave and courageous day!

Basketball, Rhapsody and African Couture

Our first full day in "Gabs" was amazing! We had a delicious light breakfast prepared fresh from the Chef at Madamz. Then we headed to Cafe Feggo with Prophetess Regina, a soft-spoken powerful woman of God. She spoke a great word over my life and then brunch was served-delicious chicken wings with a slightly spicy sauce and french fries. Finally it was time to go to Gaborone International School for Fredrick's basketball camp. Coach Passion was in full effect and the kids were hype! After resting, we had an amazing dinner at Rhapsody's For me, Coconut Thai Chicken breast with Sweet Potatoes and Creamed Spinach For Fredrick, Gourmet Beef Burger and Fries And finally, a VIP night of Africa

A series of funny events en route to Botswana!

1. Fredrick lost his boarding pass and we were graciously escorted back to the South Africa Airways ticket counter in DC by an armed officer with an AK 47 strapped to his chest. Many thanks to Officer Sullivan. 2. Two ladies plop down right next to us at the gate as they drop F bombs on one another because one lost a ziplock bag holding $80 that her travel companion said "she worked so hard to get"...but minutes later they are cheerfully discussing their tourist plans for Johannesburg. 3. A fellow traveller tells Fredrick I look familiar and asks if I'm a celebrity or famous. He tells her I am famous; he's just my security. She and I have a great chat about the work I'm doing in Botswana and

Botswana Bound!

We got up nice and early and got off to a great start at the airport! It pays to follow instructions and arrive 3 hours early like they say for an international flight. Landed safely at Dulles Airport for a lovely 6 hr layover...but my sister rescued us and took us to Noodles & Co for a delicious lunch! And talk about blessings following me. I just sold a copy of Bold, Brave and Courageous to my new South African friend Nanice! And now our 6 hour wait is over, we are boarding!

24 hours til I take off for Botswana!

Well not really because I'm just now posting 5 hours before I must be at the airport, lol. Well anyway, know that I am ecstatic that the big day is just hours away! It's really happening. And it gets even better. Fredrick is now speaking alongside me at the Happiness & Conversation event to fill in for a gentleman guest who had to cancel at the last minute! I see something amazing happening here. I can't wait to share all that we learn see and do...well I need at least a few hours nap so goodnight for now! Don't forget to subscribe to www.Wyjuana.com to follow our journey. Wyjuana Montgomery Author/Speaker

2 Days to Botswana!

In just 2 days, me and my husband will be embarking on what may be the journey of our life thus far! It is a rare opportunity to be able to travel to a faraway place not just to be tourists, but to make a difference! I am obviously excited to meet my host, friend and who I now feel is like a sister for the first time in person (we've been virtual friends for 2-3 years), but to speak into the lives of women and girls. All of my previous travels and my genuine passion for encouraging, inspiring and uplifting women and girls through the work of REACH FORWARD and before the formation of my organization has led me to this moment. I can't wait to meet women who are beating the odds and surviving w

The final 3-day countdown to Botswana begins!

Bags are mostly packed...well at least mine are. The hubby has his stuff ready, but it needs to get in the bag. 2 huge suitcases are loaded with things for donating ( sanitary pads, pantyliners, tampons,haircare samples, spiral notebooks and ink pens). Note: My trusty luggage scale tells me they are under 50lbs and I pray it is right! Socks and tshirts are still to be packed. Yes, we will have to leave one of the suitcases there once it is emptied, but it is older and I'm sure someone can use it. The shelter and school are making last-minute changes to our scheduled visits. Thus I was up chatting about logistics with Lindiwe between 3:30 and 5:00am this morning, but that is ok. We are flexib

7 days away from Botswana-Follow my journey!

I am just 7 days from making my way to Gaborone, Botswana! This is a dream come true and the result of much faith and teamwork. I get to travel to a new place halfway across the world with my husband AND make a difference in the lives of many...what more can I ask for? Here is what the itinerary looks like right now (my host is still adding more for greater impact!) Appearance on Botswana TV to share about the work we will do in the community and promote the Happiness & Conversation event Speak at Happiness & Conversation, a local empowerment event hosted by my dear sister and friend Lindiwe Keitz Visit to the Kagisano Society Women's Shelter to speak, read from my book and donate hygiene/pe

3 Steps to Fulfilling Your God-Given Mission (Find out how below)

So my mind is officially blown! A couple months back I was invited by a dear virtual friend of mine, Lindiwe, to appear via Livestream at her Happiness & Conversation Empowerment Workshop in Gaborone, Botswana! I was excited at the idea of appearing (at least virtually) overseas in Botswana and we set about the work of determining a time slot that would work for our massive time difference (Gaborone is 7 hours ahead of Oklahoma City). However about this time last month, I began to feel a strong sense in my spirit that it was meant for me to be there in person instead of virtually. Now how in the world would I raise the necessary funds ($3500 to get me and my husband there ) in 5-6 weeks? And

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