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This is Lady Wy interrupting your Thanksgiving morning to send this very important message.

You may be sharing a meal with family members you don't always get along with...but at least you have family.

If you don't have extended family nearby, spend today with your household making fun memories or join good friends for dinner.

Maybe you don't have all the Thanksgiving fixins you wanted....but you do have a meal.

Maybe you didn't get to travel where you wanted to go....but you are alive and well in the place where you live.

Some of you are already stressed because you don't have enough Black Friday Shopping money...focus on the items you really want or need for you or others that fit into your budget and be grateful that you can purchase those.

The purpose of this day is to be Thankful and enjoy food, laughter, and conversation with family and friends who are meaningful in your life.

My advice...get your perspective in check so you can focus your thoughts and energy on what matters life to the fullest every day like it was your last.

This is my family's first Thanksgiving without my mother-in-law or my father. Cherish every moment you have with those you love!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours, Me, Fredrick, Khiry, Tavia and Malina!


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