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This is Your Independence Day...Start blooming!

Some flowers resurfaced in my unkempt "garden" because the conditions of the soil are right at this

Some flowers resurfaced in my unkempt "garden" because the conditions of the soil are right at this specific moment. We hadn't seen the red flowers in about two or three years, but the seed was still in the ground waiting for some water and the right conditions to produce.

Things in nature are perfect metaphors for real life. God created the world this way so that we could understand the cycle and process of our lives in the Earth. What is it in your life that is waiting for you to make a move when the conditions are right so that you can bloom by faith?

Blooming at the right time in 2014 is what led to the birth of Reach Forward, a platform to inspire, encourage and empower women to achieve their personal, professional and community goals. That original seed was well watered and has now split into two seeds:

1. WYJUANA SPEAKS---My speaking platform for women and teen girls

2. Reach Forward Foundation---My nonprofit youth mentorship organization for 6th-12th grade girls and boys

The NO FEAR Ladies Conference for women and teen girls was also birthed out of this fertile soil in 2014 (as told in my book,Bold Brave and Courageous: A NO FEAR Success Guide for Teen Girls).

In each of these instances, my husband and my mentors had poured into me and watered the seed of my gift as a speaker that the Lord had planted and displayed in me since I was a young child, but it was up to me to use that fuel and choose to "bloom" in my season. I could have let the idea pass through my brain, but not allow my spirit to lock-in and make them a reality. But praise God my eyes were open to recognize that my season had come, so I acted.

Now 6 years later women and teen girls from my hometown of Seattle, WA, to the Caribbean, Tokyo, Japan, Kent, United Kingdom and Gaborone, Botswana have been touched by my work because I chose to bloom when it was my season.

Please don't miss your season. Recognize the times, know that you've been well watered, now it's time for you to push through all the dirt, debris and even bitter roots that may be trying to hold you down underground and get busy fulfilling your purpose in the Earth.

Today is not just the Anniversary of American Independence. This is your Independence Day! Go and bear fruit!

Freely yours,

Wyjuana Montgomery

P.S.---Please subscribe and sign-up for your FREE 45-minute Clarity Session to help you "bloom" or learn more about my virtual Bold Brave and Courageous program for teen girls at

You can also tune-in to my weekly Monday Night Chats for Moms and Mentors of Teen Girls and Bi-Weekly Thursday Night Big Girl Talks by Facebook Live. The next Thursday Night Talk is this week!


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