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A Thankful Thanksgiving

All across the country and even in Botswana (as the locals told me), folks are celebrating Thanksgiving today! But are you truly reflecting on all you have to be thankful for...or are you just stuffing yourself with greens, beans, tomatoes, turkey lol?! As I began to think on all the amazing things that have happened to me this year, I just couldn't thank God enough. Here is the short list: 1. First off, I am still alive at the near end of 2017! 2. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, but she is yet alive and thriving despite the toll that chemotherapy can take on the body! 3. My marriage is thriving 4. My children are thriving 5. My husband's back is being healed! 6. I was bless

My great new thing! South African Ricoffy

As I begin my Saturday morning leisurely sipping my new favorite hot beverage, Ricoffy, I was reminded of something very important. If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel the world or do anything that is special and unique, but sure to take away things that allow you to relive the wonderful experiences over and over again. I had an enriching stay in Gaborone, Botswana, giving service to the community, exploring cultural sites and even learning the Setswana language with new friends (now family in my eyes). One of the things that became a staple of my morning routine was to visit the small room where we had breakfast each morning to enjoy a hot cup of Ricoffy. It is instant coffee g

The last day in Gaborone!

The last day came too soon! We accomplished all we set out to do except one thing and that one thing would happen just before we left for the airport. We were finally headed to the Kagisano Society Women's Shelter. An unavoidable last-minute scheduling conflict on the shelter's end didn't allow me to speak to the women, but I was still able to stop by to meet the CEO, Lorato, and learn of their important work and of course donate the 2 large suitcases of sanitary napkins, pantyliners, tampons, haircare samples, socks, t-shirts and even inspirational books from myself (Bold, Brave and Courageous), Carri Oller (God Uses the Unusable) and Sabrena LeRoy (Pieces of my story: Keep loving, Keep fo

Main Mall & Dinner with Debbi, Abel and young Courtney

We set off early Sunday morning to souvenir shop for friends and family. So many people to get little things for, oh me, oh my! So we headed by cab to the Oriental Plaza. This place is hustling and bustling with shop keepers starting for the day and locals young and old looking for bargains. We do not end up finding what we want there, but it was an experience. Later that afternoon, we returned to Madamz Bed & Breakfast to a great surprise. Khoisan Maxy was still in town and visited with us in our room. My husband Fredrick had a great idea...let's setup an interview to share her story, a bit of her magical singing and let people know just why we need to get her to the United States to perfor

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