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Installment 6: The N.O. F.E.A.R. Life R is for Reach Forward

Can you believe it? This is the 6th and final installment of the Living the N.O. F.E.A.R. Life blog series. The R in N.O. F.E.A.R. stands for "Reach Forward." I must say that me and my team have indeed reached forward in every way. The 4th Annual NO FEAR Ladies Conference just took place last Saturday and it was one for the history books. The photo above is just one shot of the packed house that included the largest crowd ever with 100+ women and 40+ teen girls pre-registered for the event! We had more vendors than ever 14 AND 2 massage therapists in the house to help us all loosen up a bit more as we heard from the panel of 8 amazing speakers and our fabulous emcee throughout the day. I sh

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