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Unleash the little girl inside

Close your eyes for a few moments and go on a journey with me. Picture yourself between the ages of 5-10. Remember when you were little and the world was full of magic and fun?

​You made up games that kept you busy for hours. You and your friends stayed outside as long as possible until your parents said "come in, it's getting dark." Barbie and Ken had a whole life that you created for them. Some of you even had an imaginary friend who you played with and read to daily. The hills outside were really mountains to run up and down in your eyes. You would climb trees or swing upside down on the monkey bars. On the playground swing, you were not afraid to swing high in the air and then leap. You even rode your bike at full speed downhill. Do you ever sit back and wonder where that adventurous little girl is? The answer is she still lives in you. Finding her again is key to your personal and professional fulfillment.

Channeling my little girl self,



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