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I'm pretty sure that this bright GIF represents how 99.9% of people felt when we left the tumultuous year 2020 behind and welcomed 2021. We dealt with racial injustice all across the United States that sparked a social movement worldwide and then there was Coronavirus! Yet despite all of this, we made it through and into a new year. I am ready to do bigger, better and greater in 2021 and I know you can do it too. Even with quarantine, I took advantage of the quieter, slower pace of life to laugh more with my family, play more board games with my children, and "Netflix and chill" more with my amazing husband of 21+ years. Out of calamity can come some life affirming results if we focus on what we can do and what we can control when things seem to be in chaos. As a mother and mentor, I've had to model and teach this lesson to my teen daughter and niece as well as to my son who just wrapped up his first semester as a college freshman out of state. As much as 2020 was hard on adults, it was even harder on young people. In-person schooling came to an abrupt halt and was replaced with "laptop learning" for students worldwide Spring of 2020. All the rites of passage that the Class of 2020 should have experienced, they had to miss or do it virtually: trips, award ceremonies, prom and graduation. Graduations in stadiums full of well-wishers were replaced with a solitary image and a few words about each graduate flashing across a screen for many. Meanwhile, we parents and mentors were left to figure it all out for our kids as we worked from home. And we did it! Fueled by the survivor instinct I developed in 2020, I stepped into 2021 with renewed hope, faith and vision for what is possible. We are learning some new things in business and our personal lives that can be beneficial in the future. As teachers continue fine-tuning their remote teaching skills and students do their best to learn online, entrepreneurs are being forced to step up the game and bring business online and attract the world wide web of potential new customers. You can do it! And while you are at it, check out my brand-new resources for teen programs at

I hope you've heard at least one nugget to encourage you on your journey. Please write back and let me know your thoughts or schedule time with me for a Clarity Session to get clear on your path for 2021.

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