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Your Children-Your True Life's Work

This one is just for moms or anyone who is planning to become a mom! In 2014, I really began to focus in on launching my speaking career with the founding of Reach Forward and the annual No Fear Ladies Conference! However I’ve come to realize that no matter what my passion is and the goals I’m working on for personal gain, if my children are not thriving and succeeding as I am, I am in essence failing! If you are a working mom in any capacity, you already walk a daily tightrope that requires amazing balance. While you are “making a living” for your family, you must also make sure that you are “making a life” with your children. If their only memories are you being a workaholic, spending hour

Girlfriend Power

Where my girls at, from the front to back?! Remember that song lyric? In case you didn’t know, your close girlfriends are an essential part of your life. I feel sorry for women who cannot get along with other women because we are by nature, each other's closest allies, or at least we should be. Every woman should have at least one girlfriend that you can share anything with, burp in front of her and she’s okay, let her see you at your worst as well as your best. While some women get so wrapped up in their man until their girlfriends get kicked to the curb, this is not healthy. Spending quality time with your man is a beautiful thing, but he cannot replace your girlfriends. In fact, a night o

Reflections from an Atmosphere Changer

I believe that the atmosphere in a room changes when I walk in it, you know why? It’s because I am an Atmosphere Changer by nature and you can be one too! When I walk into a room, I know I’ve got it going on, I can hold my own with anybody and there is no one better than me in the place. This is how you’ve got to think when you are in different group settings, formal and informal. Too often we let things like physical appearance, socio-economic and educational differences get in the way instead of letting our lights shine like only we can! You are the only person of your race or ethnicity in the room, who cares! You make a five-figure salary and everyone else makes six figures, so what! You

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