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Girlfriend Power

Where my girls at, from the front to back?! Remember that song lyric? In case you didn’t know, your close girlfriends are an essential part of your life. I feel sorry for women who cannot get along with other women because we are by nature, each other's closest allies, or at least we should be. Every woman should have at least one girlfriend that you can share anything with, burp in front of her and she’s okay, let her see you at your worst as well as your best. While some women get so wrapped up in their man until their girlfriends get kicked to the curb, this is not healthy. Spending quality time with your man is a beautiful thing, but he cannot replace your girlfriends. In fact, a night out with your girlfriends may actually heat things up between you and your man when you return home—after all absence makes the heart grow fonder! There is nothing better than enjoying a good movie with your best girlfriends laughing at things that only women understand, living it up at the spa getting relaxing pedicures, manicures and massages together, or just getting together for dinner and live music. After all before you are any “role” in your life, you are a woman. You are a woman before wife, girlfriend or employee. Frequent doses of fun time spent with girlfriends recharges your batteries! You laugh, cry, dance, scream and shout together. An afternoon or night out with one of your besties may be just what the doctor ordered to cure your life is happening to me blues. So if you have been a bit anti-social lately and not making space in your life for girlfriend time, you had better re-calibrate, adjust your priorities and use Girlfriend Power to re-ignite the flames of your life!

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