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More is my word for 2019. Despite the things I have been blessed to accomplish and do for my community, I know there is more work to do.

What is my MORE this year? Here you go:

1. Launching the first full year of youth engagement in my Reach Forward Foundation

(Note: Reach Forward is a mentorship program for 6th-12th grade girls and boys. You can learn more about us or sign-up your youth at

2. Building video components for my Bold, Brave and Courageous curriculum

3. Hosting the 6th Annual NO FEAR Ladies Conference (Aug 24th @ a location TBD in OKC Metro Area)

4. Securing 2 more organization-wide adoptions for my book, Bold, Brave and Courageous: A NO FEAR Success Guide for Teen Girls

5. Publishing my 2nd book (One for adults)

What is it that you want to do that is bigger and better than anything you have done so far? Go for it. If you need some encouragement, get your A-Team together who will encourage and keep you accountable.

It's time out for being happy with a status quo life...waking up, going to work, eating, sleeping, going back to be bed and never challenging yourself to go to the next level or to take a deeper dive on the level you are on.

Please message me with your Word for the year. I will pray for you as you pray for me.

Shameless Plug: If you need help writing a book, building a speaking business or creating a non-profit, my Consultant Services are available. Your first 1 hour exploratory consultation is free.

Doing MORE in 2019!


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