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Main Mall & Dinner with Debbi, Abel and young Courtney

We set off early Sunday morning to souvenir shop for friends and family. So many people to get little things for, oh me, oh my!

So we headed by cab to the Oriental Plaza. This place is hustling and bustling with shop keepers starting for the day and locals young and old looking for bargains.

We do not end up finding what we want there, but it was an experience.

Later that afternoon, we returned to Madamz Bed & Breakfast to a great surprise. Khoisan Maxy was still in town and visited with us in our room. My husband Fredrick had a great idea...let's setup an interview to share her story, a bit of her magical singing and let people know just why we need to get her to the United States to we went Live on Facebook of course (visit my Wyjuana Montgomery Facebook page and scroll back to Oct 29th to view the powerful interview/mini concert.

After the interview, we sent the men out to get food. To my amusement, Fredrick and Thebe returned with fried chicken, french fries (or chips as they call them), cole slaw and rolls...apparently this genre of fast food is popular worldwide. It was delicious...who knew?

So we ate heartily and then to my surprise, Debbi and Abel came to get us with their adorable son so we could finally try some traditional food, maize and beef.

Before dinner, they took us back to Main Mall where a precious young lady was anxiously waiting for us.

We found nice key chains, bracelets and hair bands that we were looking for and got our children covered.

After this final shopping trip, Debbi and Abel took us to Nando's for some traditional pot and boiled maize topped with beef (beef liver we learned).

The food came out piping hot and was quite tasty along with my favorite chickory coffee.

Then their beautiful daughter Courtney joined us. She is 17, bright-eyed, and full of life. She looks forward and is very excited at the prospect of visiting us in the United States one day and we are going to do our best to make it happen in the future.

So we wrapped up dinner at Nando's and headed to Choppie's grocery store to get some Ricoffey, my new favorite instant chickory coffee mix.

We finally made it back to Madamz and took final pics with our new dear friends 

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