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Why the name Reach Forward?

When I had my first paid speaking engagement, it became clear that I needed to name my organization. I got a visual of a logo first and then the name with the help of a friend. Why Reach Forward you ask? It's because no matter what station in life you are in, you can always Reach Forward. From a person who has hit rock bottom where forward is the only way to go to a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company who wants to push the envelope with her business, you can always Reach Forward.

Many speakers urge us to move forward, push forward or walk forward. However there are some life situations where you cannot move, push or walk Yet you can always reach. Imagine a drowning person, with the water sucking them down and waves moving against them, they cannot move, push or walk, but if they reach forward with just one hand, they can take hold of a life-saving device being tossed their way.

What do you need to Reach Forward towards in your life?

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