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3 Steps to Fulfilling Your God-Given Mission (Find out how below)

So my mind is officially blown! A couple months back I was invited by a dear virtual friend of mine, Lindiwe, to appear via Livestream at her Happiness & Conversation Empowerment Workshop in Gaborone, Botswana! I was excited at the idea of appearing (at least virtually) overseas in Botswana and we set about the work of determining a time slot that would work for our massive time difference (Gaborone is 7 hours ahead of Oklahoma City).

However about this time last month, I began to feel a strong sense in my spirit that it was meant for me to be there in person instead of virtually. Now how in the world would I raise the necessary funds ($3500 to get me and my husband there ) in 5-6 weeks?

And so begins the crazy timeline of amazing events:

August 23rd: I first prayed and spoke with my husband about this. He thought I was a little crazy, but supported me anyway.

August 24th: I put the word out to a small group of trusted prayer warriors via Facebook Messenger.

Note: Be very careful who you share your vision/dreams/goals with. Only share with a trusted, intimate circle that can be relied upon to pray for and support you. Always protect your vision from dream killers and those filled with negativity and doubt---but that's a whole new blog post.

August 25th: My first fundraising video is posted to Facebook--To watch, click here.

August 28th: I built my fundraising page and began promoting it via Facebook and Twitter

Sep 5th: I'm blessed to actually meet a lady from Gaborone, Botswana, who now lives here in Oklahoma (and her mother was visiting from Gaborone too!). They gave me some great cultural tips.

Sep 8th: It was my 40th birthday and kicked off the very first fundraiser for this mission trip, a Premier Designs Jewelry party in which a dear sweet lady from my conference volunteered to donate 50% of the proceeds (100% of her profit as a distributor) to me for my trip


Sep 10th: I posted an update video explaining more about my mission and asking people to donate

Sep 13th: Lindiwe herself posted an amazing video shot in Gaborone as she explained the mission and what it would mean for me to be there in person. Boy, even for me it really brought it all home to hear her voice and see her in the very place I was trying to get to in order to serve alongside her---this thing really got real!


Sep 24th: We finally cracked the 4-digit barrier and were just $925.00 to goal!

Sep 27th: We were less than $500 to goal at $490--Nothing would stop me from going at this point.

Sep 28th: When I went to bed, we were $320 to goal

Sep 29th: I woke up and not only had the goal been met, but exceeded by over $100. To watch the fundraising finale video, click here.

I say to you not to brag, but to encourage: If God has called you to do something and you know without a shadow of a doubt, DO NOT LET YOUR PERSONAL FINANCIAL SITUATION STOP YOU!

When you are doing HIS will, HE will bring the people and resources you need to activate the mission. Your job is simply to do the following 3 things:

1. Listen

2. Pray

3. Obey

Be sure to subscribe to to follow me on this journey beginning Oct 24th and learn more about my book Bold, Brave and Courageous and the NO FEAR Ladies Conference which I founded 4 years ago. I can also be reached for booking speaking engagements or workshops at

May you Reach Forward with NO FEAR,

Wyjuana Montgomery

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