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A series of funny events en route to Botswana!

1. Fredrick lost his boarding pass and we were graciously escorted back to the South Africa Airways ticket counter in DC by an armed officer with an AK 47 strapped to his chest. Many thanks to Officer Sullivan.

2. Two ladies plop down right next to us at the gate as they drop F bombs on one another because one lost a ziplock bag holding $80 that her travel companion said "she worked so hard to get"...but minutes later they are cheerfully discussing their tourist plans for Johannesburg.

3. A fellow traveller tells Fredrick I look familiar and asks if I'm a celebrity or famous. He tells her I am famous; he's just my security. She and I have a great chat about the work I'm doing in Botswana and she bought a copy of Bold, Brave and Courageous on the spot. She is my new friend Nanice (lives in Ohio, but is South African and flew with us to Johannesburg). 

4.  Who knew there was a refueling stop in Accra, Ghana? Apparently you can't fly from DC to Johannesburg on one tank of jet fuel. Never got off the plane, but I can stillsay I've been to Ghana..must visit next time.

5. Sawubona, South African Airways' publication, is the best in-flight magazine I've ever read. It has great stories, cultural info and even history. An article called The 10 Cardinal Rules of Comfortable Flying really caught my attention. Look at #9 : [Once you arrive] and I quote, Scrub your body vigorously in the shower or bath to dislodge any unwanted buildup of fluids.

Translation: Hey you been riding for 17 hours (like we did), you are sweaty and you stink. Take a shower immediately!

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Wyjuana Montgomery



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