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Basketball, Rhapsody and African Couture

Our first full day in "Gabs" was amazing! We had a delicious light breakfast prepared fresh from the Chef at Madamz. 

Then we headed to Cafe Feggo with Prophetess Regina, a soft-spoken powerful woman of God. She spoke a great word over my life and then brunch was served-delicious chicken wings with a slightly spicy sauce and french fries. Finally it was time to go to Gaborone International School for Fredrick's basketball camp.

Coach Passion was in full effect and the kids were hype! After resting, we had an amazing dinner at Rhapsody's For me, Coconut Thai Chicken breast with Sweet Potatoes and Creamed Spinach For Fredrick, Gourmet Beef Burger and Fries

And finally, a VIP night of African Couture from the Massai of South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana. 

We were all crazy by the end of the night! 

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