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Happiness & Conversation AND a night of laughter

The big event finally arrived! Happiness & Conversations was a great event filled with beautiful women and a handful of men showcasing their African Heritage.

The venue was vibrant, yet intimate.

Happiness & Conversations featured a chic Botswana Hustler fashion showcase, the hot musical sounds of Njotica and Khoisan Maxi and a diverse panel of speakers covering topics from advocacy for plus-sized women to preservation of native foods.

And of course yours truly, ME, wrapped up the panel with a talk on Making the Most of Every Stage of Your Life: Prosperity, Transition and Struggle.

To celebrate the success of the event, I was able to connect and enjoy appetizers with my new friend Debbie who graciously connected with me at the recommendation of her sister (my new Gaborone-born  friend Heidi in Bartlesville, OK).

Amazing connections made for a lifetime on both fronts!

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