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Speak what you want

Photo Credit: Kristin Harris (Koko Photos)

The world is full of amazing things right within your reach if you speak what you want. WYJUANA SPEAKS is not just a public platform, but it is something I live by. My personal faith in God is #1 in my life, followed by my family and then myself. Because the bible tells me God's word cannot return void, I firmly believe that when I speak a thing that aligns with God's perfect will for my life, it has no choice but to come into fruition. Therefore I open my mouth and speak out loud the dreams, visions and goals I have for myself and my family: personally and professionally. I have noticed that when I speak these things out loud, it also strengthens my faith and belief that they will happen. Doors begin to open, people begin to cross my path who are necessary to fulfill my goals and dreams, my prayer warriors will speak words of affirmation and confirmation, and even stories will air on television that reinforce what I am going after.

So I say to you, watch your mouth! If you speak those things which are good, positive and uplifting, that's what you get. If you speak things which are bad, negative and counterproductive to your success, that's what you get. The next time you decide to speak, take time to consider what words you allow to cross the threshold between your tongue and lips. The words you speak are the GPS for where you will go in life.

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Respectfully Yours,

Wyjuana Montgomery

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