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Fall is here! What life colors are you changing?

Today I took a long drive for work and noticed beautiful tall trees and bushes along the side of highway in different yellow, orange and brown hues.

This time of year, we get to enjoy the leaves changing colors.

So here's the question I have for you? In this next season of your life, what colors are you changing?

If you have been blue, it's time to shake off those feelings and become yellow with joy!

If you have been gray, unsure and unclear of your purpose and destiny, it's time to get clarity and become like a clean, white slate.

If you have been green with envy, take stock of the blessings and assets in your own life and become red (festive and joyful).

If you have felt lowly like the brown dirt, see yourself as God sees you and become purple (the color of royalty).

God always uses things in the natural to show us things in the spirit so we can understand.

If it is necessary for the Earth to experience a change of seasons and colors, the same is necessary for you.

Don't miss your opportunity to step into your new season and upgrade your LIFE COLORS!

Another word of wisdom from WYJUANA SPEAKS!

From my heart to yours,

Wyjuana Montgomery

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